R&D and technical support

Rolkem assists its clients in all stages of approval and industrialisation of impregnated resins and paper products.
We also work on the innovation and design of bio-sourced and fire-resistant resin products.


  • A team dedicated to R&D and technical support;

  • Support and partnerships with our clients;

  • High integration within the local scientific ecosystem.

Support tailored to your needs

A review of the manufacturing process and the specificities of our customers is carried out in the laboratory to propose a tailor-made solution.
The products are then adapted to meet the customer's expectations and needs.
Our team then provides support and assistance over time.

Equipment suitable for all developments

Our laboratory is equipped with material for the design of our resins and presses for the manufacture of plywood panels and mechanical characterisation (traction).
Our laboratory-oriented work, therefore, enables us to provide an adapted response and reactivity in development.

Research & Development

In addition to our internal resources, our proximity to the University of Pau (UPPA) allows us to benefit from high-quality technical and scientific means to meet our clients' demands.
Close partnerships with other industrialists and/or laboratories within the framework of collaborative projects (local or European) enable us to keep in touch with various technological developments.


  • I have a specific panel manufacturing process. Are your resins compatible?

    We work closely with our customers to develop tailor-made solutions that are unique and adapted to each need.

  • You manufacture paper-impregnating resins, but I require small quantities. Do you have a minimum order volume?

    We are one of the only manufacturers who deliver orders by the pallet unit. We have more than 80 references in our range and we consider all order requests and developments.

  • You provide both phenolic and melamine products. Do you also offer fireproof paper?

    We have been developing and marketing fireproof products with our customers for several years. This allows us to meet the NF P92-507 standard. We develop and manufacture our entire range of solutions at our Rolkem site in Mourenx (near Pau, in the southwest of France).

  • Are your resins manufactured using solvents, such as methanol, which is specific to this type of product?

    No, our resins are water-based and the solvent used is water. This is quite atypical in our profession. We also develop bio-sourced resins which, with equivalent technical performance, are manufactured with materials derived from paper-making processes, without competing with animal and human food products.

  • You also manufacture bonding resins, particularly for wood. Do you sell to individuals as well?

    Rolkem manufactures and delivers to a multitude of companies of various sizes. Its products are dedicated to professionals.