Phenolic resins

Located between Pau and Biarritz, in the southwest of France, ROLKEM specialises in the development and production of resol-type phenolic resins (annual capacity: 16000 T).


Our phenolic resins are manufactured and designed for several uses

  • Plywood bonding (CTBX),

  • Wood-based panel surface treatment,

  • Fiberboard and particleboard bonding,

  • Foundry for sand moulding processes,

  • Cellulosic or other support impregnation (carbon fibre),

  • Compact HPL and laminate panel manufacturing.

Sustainable development

As a player in the chemical industry, ROLKEM is strongly committed to the bio-sourcing of its resins, through the increasing integration of renewable natural resources in its formulations.


We offer a wide range of resins to different markets, both national and international:

  • The fibreboard and particleboard industry,

  • The foundry industry,

  • The panel industry,

  • And other sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace and more. Subtext