Design and manufacture of phenolic resins & technical paper impregnation

Located in Mourenx, between Pau and Biarritz, in the southwest of France, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, Rolkem specialises in the design and manufacture of phenolic resins and technical paper impregnation for the wood, composite and panel industries.


The original company was founded in 1973. In 2013, our experience led us to become part of the Japan-based NANKAI PLYWOOD group, whose products are of the highest quality.

Our company is focused on two main activities:

  • Phenolic resin design and manufacture: 16,000 T/year in capacity;

  • Technical paper impregnation with thermosetting resins: 25/30 million m²/year.

Rolkem offers its expertise and know-how to its clients:

  • In the panel industry: production of bonding resins for plywood, coating of formwork and anti-slip panels,

  • In the building industry: production of paper-impregnating resins for thick and self-supporting laminates, for wall and floor coverings,

  • In the catering industry: phenolic and melamine paper impregnation for the manufacture of serving trays and table tops.

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Being close to our customers, we know your specific needs.

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Flexibility, reactivity and technical support - we accompany companies throughout the manufacturing process.

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Customised products and personal service available.


Thanks to our history of working with large groups (Saint Gobain, Smurfit Kappa, etc.), our company has been structured by our quality management system and the mastery of our processes.

The traceability and continuous control of our incoming materials and our on-site production guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

The confidential nature of our know-how allows us to maintain complex operations at the heart of their processes with all our partners.

2009 - PEFC control chain

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2019 – FSC Mix credit control chain

2022 - FSC CW control chain

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  • 100% of our process water is recycled;

  • 100% of environmentally compliant manufacturing processes are treated by regenerative oxidation.